All Saints Lutheran Church

Charlotte, NC

Organ move, renovation and upgrade

In early 2016 we were asked to relocate and completely renovate the 1970 E. F. Walcker organ from Sihler Hall, Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN. The new home for this organ, All Saints Lutheran Church in Charlotte, NC was embarking on a journey to upgrade their buildings and to add a pipe organ to their worship environment. The organ was moved to our facility and stored for nearly two years. In 2018 we completed the project. The scope of work was really all-encompassing and took nearly eight months to complete. At the end of this process, the organ is in a better-than-new condition, with all crucial components either completely renovated or replaced. The expected life span of such instrument is at least one hundred years with some very minor maintenance, making it a perfect investment!


  • Prinzipal 8’ (part facade)

  • Rohrflöte 8’

  • Oktave 4’

  • Sesquialter 1-2 rks.

  • Waldflöte 2’

  • Mixtur 3-4 rks.

  • II-I coupler


  • Gedeckt 8’

  • Nachtohorn 4’

  • Prinzipal 2’

  • Quinte 1-1/3’

  • Zimbel 3 rks.

  • Rohrschalmei 8’

  • Tremolo


  • Subbaβ 16’

  • Zartbaβ 16’

  • Gedecktbaβ 8'

  • Choralbaβ 4'

  • Nachthorn 2’

  • Gagott 16’

  • I-Pedal coupler

  • II-Pedal coupler

Manual Compass - 61 notes

Pedal Compass - 32 notes

Zartbaβ 16' shares pipes with Subbaβ 16'. Wind is restricted via regulators to the Zartbaβ making the stop softer.

Wind pressure 63 mm.

Temperament - Neidhardt 1729

A=440 Hz at 19 degrees Celsius

Organ dedicated on Sunday, November 4th, 2018 by Dr. Patricia Parker

All Saints Lutheran Church, Charlotte NC

All Saints Lutheran Church - side view

All Saints Lutheran Church - key desk close-up

All Saints Lutheran Church - during construction

Organ assembled in our shop