Art of Pipe Voicing

Sound is the key! Thousands of hours are spent on creating countless components that make up the “machine” part of the organ. However, it is the tone of pipes that adds the unique touch and makes the magic happen. Without it, the organ would be very plain – a soulless machine unable to convey any artistic message.

This is why we pay the utmost attention to the tonal aspect of organ building. Because of the importance of proper voicing of our pipes, nothing is overlooked and every detail is attended to. It is during this time that the organ’s soul is being born. Not surprisingly, the voicing process is among the longest procedures, as it requires myriad of adjustments to be made, both in the pre-voicing stage at the shop, as well as during the eventual fine-tuning at its final location. This is when the instrument becomes either a success or a failure!

All voicing is done by Tom Lewtak, who to date has thirty years experience as a professionally trained organist. It certainly helps to have the experience of playing and listening to hundreds of organs throughout the world. Tom has the most discriminating ear reinforced with solid education in the field. He was fortunate to acquire his voicing expertise from one of the best voicers in Europe. Tom’s skill came from learning and working with one of the prodigies of European pipe voicing, Mogens Pedersen – a man who for over twenty years was the chief voicer of the legendary Frobenius Organ Builders of Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Our two-rank voicing tracker organ is an indispensable tool in providing our clients with premier class service. With the exception of the largest pipes, nearly all the pipes are pre-voiced on it. Our voicing organ is completely portable. It is, in fact, a normal size instrument which we often let our clients use while their organ is being worked on.To discuss sound is nearly as difficult as, for example, to describe a smell or to define a feeling. It will always stand true what Shakespeare expressed in Love’s Labour’s Lost – ‘Beauty is bought by judgment of the eye’. In this case, the ear will certainly be the judge of our efforts, and we can only do our best to result in a favorable finding.We invite our potential clients to experience the sound of our organs by requesting a CD from us. It is the only way, aside from a personal experience with the instrument, which will validate our voicing capabilities.