Renovation and New Facade

St. Mary’s of Assumption Church, Baldwinsville, NY

The organ at St. Mary’s in Baldwinsville was build by Casavant Frères as their opus 2816 in 1964. This nice instrument has a lot to offer in terms of simple, yet effective stop list with truly magnificent voicing. We did not change any of the original tonal design and character. Our work was restricted to bringing the instrument up to speed with modern technology, but the character remained unaltered. The work performed included:

Hand-painted decorative pattern on facade pipes.

  • Complete cleaning of the console  and all of its electric components, refurbishing of manual keyboards, pedal board, console shell, music stand, etc…
  • Installing new Virtuoso pipe organ control system
  • Installing new stop tablets, thumb pistons, toe pistons and other necessary controls for the new control system
  • Flue pipework cleaning and windchest top surfaces renovation
  • Windchests inside cleaning and repairs
  • Swell motor repair


The project was crowned with designing and building of a new façade. We built a new tower-design and reconfigured the existing pipes in a totally new way. The process entailed stripping pipes to the bare metal and painting them with a new decorative pattern.