New Instrument

St. Joseph’s Church
Camillus, NY 

The organ at St. Joseph’s Church in Camillus, NY was dedicated on April 17th of 2006. It is a rather sizable, three manual instrument built in a beautiful, contemporary church setting.

This organ is meticulously crafted in every respect. There are over 2,500 pipes, both wooden and metal. Half of the pipe work came from the 1896 Casavant organ. The pipes have been fully restored and given quite a bit stronger voicing. The other half was custom-made for us in Germany. The key action is of a mechanical suspended type (tracker), with exceptionally long connection runs. Despite the length, key weight is marvelously comfortable while pipe response is crisp and offers outstanding articulation. The stop action is state-of-the-art electronic, utilizing sophisticated German-made “free combination” system, indulging the performer with 1,280 instant registration settings.

The case is a freestanding one, made out of birch and select white poplar. The façade design is our original one, rich in appearance, reflecting what is inside the organ’s case – melding both, the old and the new. Frontal pipes include the original thirty-seven stenciled pipes from 1896, as well as thirteen new pipes made out of double-flamed copper. Truly elaborate woodworking went into making of the facade. Neither time nor money was spared to make the instrument as perfect as humanly possible. The choice of white ash and Honduras mahogany for the entire façade ensured both durability and lasting elegance of form. Delicate details around the console reveal fine craftsmanship – elaborate inlays and embellishments are truly appealing to the eye.

Grand Orgue

1. Bourdon 16’
2. Grand Principal 8’
3. Dulciane 8’
4. Flûte Douce 8’
5. Octave 4’
6. Flûte à Fuseau 4’
7. Quinte 3’
8. Doublette 2’
9. Flûte 2’
10. Cornet Harmonique III
11. Mixture IV
12. Trompette 8’

Tremblant Fort


13. Montre 8’
14. Mélodie 8’
15. Gambe 8’
16. Prestant 4’
17. Piccolo 2’

Tremblant Doux


18. Viole de Gambe 8’
19. Principal 8’
20. Flûte Harmonique 8’
21. Bourdon 8’
22. Voix Cèleste 8’
23. Flûte Harmonique 4’
24. Fugara 4’
25. Nasard 2 2/3’
26. Principal 2’
27. Tierce 1 3/5’
28. Mixture III
29. Basson-Hautbois 8’
30. Cor Anglais 8’

Carillon a22-f42

Tremblant Doux


31. Flûte Basse 16’
32. Bourdon 16’
33. Octave 8’
34. Violoncello 8’
35. Cor de Nuit 4’
36. Buzène 16’

Mechanical key action
Electric stop action
Wind pressure: 90 mm — Positif, Récit & Pédale;
82 mm — Grand Orgue
Electronic register presets, 1280 memory levels.
Couplers: III-I, II-I, III-II,
Tuning A34=438 Hz at 18ºC
Temperament: Tartini-Valotti