The Post-Standard: Letter To The Editor, May 2006

The Post-Standard
Saturday, April 29, 2006
Page A-7
Letters of Thanks 
New church organ is rewarding beyond words 
To the Editor:


Congratulations to St. Joseph’s Church in Camillus on the magnificent inaugural recital of its recently completed pipe organ built by Tomasz Lewtak ( the church’s choir director).

On April 17, a standing room only audience heard the Lewtak pipe organ played by Ulrik Spang-Hanssen, professor of organ at the Royal Danish Music Conservatory in Aarhus, Denmark.

Beginning with the first sounds of the organ, the audience appeared awestruck. The recital commenced with Leon Boellmann’s “Suite Gothique” and concluded with Edward Elgar’s “Pomp and Circumstance”.

In the evening’s printed program, Tomasz Lewtak stated: “it is rewarding beyond words when an artist sits down at the console and you begin to see the smiles of pleasure.”
Mr. Lewtak must have felt “rewarded beyond words” upon seeing the hundreds of smiles in St. Joseph’s Church April 17.

Geraldine Wright