Total Instrument Overhaul and New Facade

Holy Trinity Church
Utica, NY

Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Utica, NY received a complete organ overhaul, which encompassed virtually all of the components of this large, three-manual instrument. The organ was completely disassembled; all pipes were taken out for thorough cleaning and repairs of scrolls and stoppers; windchests were thoroughly repaired, including some re-leathering; nearly all air conduits were replaced; the entire pipe support was renovated and enhanced.

There was a big problem with the structural support of the Great windchest, which rested on one of the 16′ pipes from the Pedal! We had no choice but to design and build a new support for this part of the organ. Twelve new pipes for the lowest octave of Bourdon 16′ were added to improve the bass range of the Great division. Several ranks of the original pipework were revoiced to make them stronger in sound. The electric system was also carefully checked and repaired, all contacts cleaned, and the combination action repaired.

In addition, we added a completely new appearance to this organ by building a new façade. The cabinetry is made of solid white oak. Original pipes were stripped of the several layers of old paint and cut to new dimensions. The dynamic configuration of the new design is the original creation of Paul Lewtak. The colors on the new front of the organ were carefully selected from the two predominant shades of the stained glass windows and the entrance doors.

One of the facade pipes before renovation.

The rededication ceremony and organ recital took place on Sunday, October 29, 2006 at 5:00 p.m. The performance featured Gail Archer, who serves as Chair of the Music Department at Barnard College, Columbia University, and Professor of Organ at Manhattan School of Music. We are most grateful for her gracious acceptance of our invitation.

1923 C. E. Morey Organ

16′ Bourdon
8′ Open Diapason
8′ Viola da Gamba
8′ Concert Flute
8′ Dulciana
4′ Octave
4′ Flute d’Amour
III Mixture
8′ Trumpet
Chimes (21 tubes)
Gt 16′–UO–4′
Sw/Gt 16′–8′–4′
Ch/Gt 16′–8′–4′

8′ Open Diapason
8′ Stopped Diapason
8′ Aeolian
8′ Salicional
8′ Quintadena
8′ Vox Celestis
4′ Harmonic Flute
2′ Piccolo
8′ Oboe
8′ Vox Humana
8′ Cornopean
Sw 16′–UO–4′

8′ Geigen Principal
8′ Melodia
8′ Dolce
8′ Unda Maris
8′ Flauto Traverso
Ch 16′–UO–4′
Sw/Ch 16′–8′–4′

16′ Double Open Diapason
16′ Bourdon
16′ Lieblich Gedact
8′ Flute
Gt/Ped 8′–4′
Sw/Ped 8′–4′
Ch/Ped 8′–4′