Trinity Moravian Church

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The original organ at Trinity Moravian Church in Winston-Salem, NC was purchased by the church in the early fifties. Built by the Estey Company in 1924, it underwent complete changeover done by Zimmer & Sons in 1972. At that time some parts of the Estey organ were retained (such a console shell and selected pipework), however the instrument’s action was changed into an electro-pneumatic one, with brand new windchests made by Zimmer. The organ in this shape served the congregation faithfully for many years, but inevitably the time came when things started to fail due to age. Our work was all-encompassing and entailed not only restoration of all mechanical components, but also complete re-voicing of all ranks of pipes. The renovation took place in early months of 2014 with dedicatory recital presented on April 13 of that year.

Renovation work:

  • Refurbishing of the keyboards

  • Refurbishing of the pedal board

  • Cleaning of all electrical contacts

  • Fixing all electrical problems with stop tablets, pistons, switches, etc.

  • Extensive restoration of the console cabinet

  • Removal of all pipes for complete cleaning

  • Cleaning of all windchests including both the exterior and the interior parts

  • Repairing dead/late notes and ciphers

  • Thorough cleaning of the internal leather valves and pouches

  • Re-leathering of all bellows

  • Repairing of all parts of swell shutter mechanism

  • Installing a new organ blower (made to order in Germany)

  • Making the wind-producing system quiet and reliable

  • Checking and fixing any existing electrical issues including the replacement of any worn out electromagnets

  • Building a new organ facade

  • Voicing of all the pipes

  • Multiple tuning at the end of the renovation process