New Instrument

West Baptist Church
Oswego, NY

Dedicatory recital by Dr. Hans Davidsson, April 19, 2009

This is a new instrument which utilizes some of the old pipework from original Marklove tracker from 1867 (which was completely dismantled, altered and electrified by Buhl of Utica in 1951). We retained the general concept of the old facade with some significant modifications to the pipework ornamentation. However, the lower portion of the front case has been built new, including brand new keyboards and stop desks with draw knobs. All internal components of the organ have been built brand new. For detailed information about this instrument please visit the link: The Diapason, July 2008

Organ Stop List
West Baptist Church
Oswego, NY


Bourdon 16′
Montre 8′
Gedact 8′
Octave 4′
Flute Harmonique 4′
Quinte 3′
Super Octave 2′
Mixture IV
Trumpet 8′
Clarion 4′


Melodia 8′
Gamba 8′
Celeste 8′
Principal 4′
Fugara 4′
Piccolo 2′
Larigot 1 1/3′
Mixture III-IV
Oboe 8′
Clarinet 8′
Vox Humana 8′


Principal 16′
Subbass 16′
Octave 8′
Violon 8′
Choralbass 4′
Fagotto 16′

Couplers: II-I, I-P, II-P
Mechanical key and stop action
Tuning: Vallotti Temperament, A=440 Hz at 18o C.
Winding: three single-rise wedge bellows, additional shocker bellows in each division
Air pressure: 69 mm in Great and Swell, 92 mm Pedal.