Our Company

Lewtak Pipe Organ Builders, Inc. is a firm born in 2001 in the central New York area. At the core of our operation is Tom Lewtak, with a strong educational background in both organ performance as well as organ building. Lewtak Pipe Organ Builders is a small, lean enterprise which is able to offer our clients a level of attention that is unattainable with larger builders. Our team of professional craftsmen works diligently on every project we undertake. With us, your dollars are only used for the best materials and top quality labor. We are known for our obsessive attention to detail and we take it as the greatest compliment. 


We are fortunate to have a shop which would be a dream of any organbuilder - a generous 15,000 square feet of clean space filled with natural light and located on 15 acres of unspoiled North Carolina countryside. The building is divided into four departments: woodworking, finishing, pipe handling and organ assembly. We are proud of the fact that our shop is environmentally green. The heat, AC and hot water system uses geothermal technology, entire building is heavily insulated with open-cell spray foam, and there is not a single regular or fluorescent light bulb anywhere in the shop - only LEDs! 


Tom Lewtak was educated as an organist, having two master’s degrees in Organ Performance. His inspiration to become an organbuilder came at the age of 16 when he viewed building process of the monumental organ at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Gdansk (Danzig), Poland, by the German firm of Hillebrand. Later, he took organ building and design during his five years at the Academy of Music in Katowice, Poland. The following years took him to Denmark and Norway, where he apprenticed with Carsten Lund Organ Builders of Copenhagen. He acquired his voicing skills from Mogens Pedersen, a man who for over twenty years was the chief voicer of the legendary Frobenius Organ Builders. Tom’s organbuilding knowledge is not just theoretical, but came from first-hand experience with one of the best organbuilders in Europe. He is responsible for tonal design, pipe scaling, voicing, windchest and action design. It is his artistic vision that emerges through the sound of our organs.

Winter scene - quite rare in this part of the country!