Our client's trust plays the key role in our success.  Thanks to recommendations of our customers, we enjoy a rather busy work schedule.  We are sincerely grateful to all of our former clients for their positive feedback. It is the best testimony to the quality of our labors and our work ethics.

Our creations have been featured on the front covers of internationally recognized newspapers and magazines. Fruits of our labor have been shown on TV and CD's recorded on our instruments were played on the radio.

Dedication ceremonies of our organs always draw a full house followed by spotless critics. We love what we do and we hope it shows.

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“An important new instrument in the organ life of eastern North Carolina was dedicated in the First Presbyterian Church in Greenville… I think this instrument will soon be understood as the most musical instrument in Greenville. Not the biggest nor the loudest, but the most musical…. The excellent action encourages good keyboard technique. The delightful voicing and relatively dry acoustic allow players to clearly hear themselves… The organ avoids the extremes of modern idiomatic building to favor any regional school of organ music, but achieves excellence in its own right.”

Richard Parsons, Reviewer

Classical Voice North Carolina, an Online Arts Journal